vWISE (Vine and Wine Innovation through Scientific Exchange)

Composed of recognized Vines and Wine Institutes, Universities and Industries from Europe and outside Europe with complementary competences spanning molecular biologists, eco-physiologists, oenologists, chemists, ecologists, modelers and wine marketing companies, coming from all the partner universities, will exchange skills and knowledge to propose innovative solutions.

The exchange program will allow them to progress towards key advances in vine sustainability and adaptation to new environmental conditions, and strengthen collaborative research between in different countries.

Our project is focused on three main objectives that will answer directly to the challenges stated above:

The vWISE consortium brings a unique richness, a diversity of scientific specialties and is focused on convergence and synergistic strategies. By using complementary techniques, planning and extending engagement across vine and wine sectors, partners are looking to implement model scales for water use, new vine varieties, and new approaches in microbiology. Specialists from the consortium will collect the data (metabolomics, sensor registration with modeling) needed to support solutions to anticipated climate changeinduced natural hazard scenarios.

The vWISE project will help to build a bridge between the partners and will frame long-range planning decisions associated with vine and wine hazards affected by climate change. The main outcomes of the project will be real-time advice and information, together with improved data collection and analysis at local levels, to support vine risk area populations, future land-use planning and infrastructure design. Without anticipatory hazard reduction plans and actions, risk for populations and assets that are exposed to vine and wines hazards will increase significantly in the coming decades.