goncalo Filipe dos Santos Victorino

WP Number : 1
WP Tittle : Vine adaptation to climate changes
WP Leading Partner : UNITO
Visiting Researcher :
Name : Gonçalo Filipe dos Santos Victorino
Position : PhD student (ESR)


Activity report


Home Institution, country : Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Portugal
Host Institution : Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Scientific contact person at the institution : Professor Carlos Poblete-Echeverría
Mobility period : 1st of January 2021 – 31st of March 2021

Objectives :To explore the potential of image analysis for grapevine yield estimation in South Africa vineyards, using methodologies developed in Portugal.To further develop image analysis and robot configurating skills.To validate the work developed in Portugal in South African field conditions.

Tasks :Collect images and other data from a commercial vineyard in Stellenbosch using theunmanned ground platform ‘Daisy’ – a self driving robot used for vineyard scanning;Validate the algorithms developed in Portugal on the images collected with Daisy;Collect new data to enhance the yield estimation algorithms to be applied in a larger range ofvineyard conditions.

Deliverables (expected) : D1.3 Report on the cultural techniques and treatments able tomitigate the climate change.