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WP Number : WP1
WP Tittle : Vine adaptation to climate changes
WP Leading Partner : UNITO
Visiting Researcher:
Name : Diego Lijavetzky
Position: Research Scientist

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Activity report


Home Institution, country: IBAM (UNCUYO-CONICET), Argentina

Host Institution: ICVV-CSIC

Scientific contact person at the institution: José Miguel Martínez Zapater

Mobility period: 28/03/2021 – 30/07/2021

Objectives: Analysis of phenotypic and genetic natural variation within Malbec clone collections

Tasks : During the first secondment we will aim to the analysis of: a) phenotypic and b) natural genetic variation within a Malbec clone collection.

  1. Biochemical, phenological and productive data corresponding to two consecutive seasons will be compared and analyzed to assess the phenotypic differences between the clones.
  2. Genetic polymorphism data obtained after the NGS re-sequencing of four Malbec will allow the selection of a robust set of 48 SNP markers. By means of these markers we will evaluate the natural genetic variation between a sample of more than 200 different Malbec clones.

Deliverables (expected) :

  1. A set of 6-8 Malbec clones showing contrasted phenotypic characteristics for climate change adaptation traits (cycle length, colour, acidity, potential alcohol (°Bx). b) a set genetically divergent clonal accessions, putatively associated to the time span of clonal propagation in Argentina and Europe.

At ICVV 2021