Katherine Bedoya Alvira


WP Number: WP3
Tittle: Wine making innovation for sustainability and safety
WP Leading Partner: University Rovira I Virgili

Visiting Researcher:
 Katherine Bedoya Alvira
Position: Early Stage Researcher; PhD Fellow




Home Institution, country: Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Host Institution: Universidad de Chile

Scientific contact person at the institution: Carla Jara

Mobility period: 01/03/2023 to 31/05/2023


Microbiological control and interactions between microorganisms (Production processes, winemaking management)

Tasks :

Winemaking management by pied-de-cuve to maintain native microbiota.

Characterization of microbial interaction during pied-de-cuve fermentations.

Deliverables (expected) : 

Seminars given by K. Bedoya in bith University of Chile and Universidad Rovira I Virgili

Research communications to meetings

Scientific article written and submitted to appropriate journals.