Liliana Martinez


WP Number: WP2
Tittle: Grape and wine composition for quality and authenticity
WP Leading Partner: ISA/ULisboa

Visiting Researcher:
 Dra. Liliana Estela Martínez
Position: Full Professor


Home Institution, country: Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (UNCuyo). Argentina

Host Institution: University of La Rioja UDLR/ICVV. Spain

Scientific contact person at the institution: Dr. Fernanda Ruiz-Larrea, Professor of UDLR

Mobility period: 02/05/2023 to 03/08/2023


Evaluation of the potential of current commercial winemaking enzyme preparations with glycosidase activities to hydrolyze odourless grape glycosidic aroma precursors.
Glycosidases liberate the volatile aromatic aglycones with the consequent improvement of the wine sensory profile.

Tasks :

  • Analysis of odorant aglycones released in wines elaborated with different glycosidase preparations. Analyses will be performed by GC/MS.
  • Data processing and discussion of the results of aroma quality.
  • Networking activities and dissemination of the research.

Deliverables (expected): 

  • Report on the volatile composition and sensorial profile of wines elaborated using commercial enological preparations with glycoside activities.
  • Seminar at the UDLR/ICVV