Diego Lijavetzky


WP Number: WP1
Tittle: Vine adaptation to climate changes
WP Leading Partner: UNITO

Visiting Researcher:
 Diego Lijavetzky
Position: Research Scientist



Home Institution, country: IBAM (UNCUYO-CONICET), Argentina

Host Institution: ICVV-CSIC

Scientific contact person at the institution:  José Miguel Martínez Zapater

Mobility period: 13/10/2023 to 13/11/2023


Following the tasks performed by Noelia Alañón Sánchez during the beginning of this year, the main objective of my work during this period is the genetic and genomic analysis of Criolla Chica nº2 (CCN2), a floral somatic variant of ‘Listán Prieto’ cultivar (named Criolla Chica Ballista, (CCBA), with agronomic interest to reduce bunch compactness and comparison with a similar phenotype ‘Tempranillo’ variant.

Tasks :

During the secondment I will perform the whole-genome sequencing and assembly of CCN2 and CCBA) to investigate the occurrence of genetic variations (SNPs and structural variations) that putatively explain the phenotype of the mutant genotype.

  1. Isolation of High Molecular Weight DNA from CCN2 and CCBA.
  2. Sequencing of the whole genomes of both accessions by means of Nanopore technology available at the ICVV facilities.
  3. Comparing the obtained DNA sequences to find the putative mutation at genetic and epigenetic level.
  4. Comparing the results to the ones observed in a similar ‘Tempranillo’ floral mutation.

Deliverables (expected): 

The whole genome DNA sequences of CCN2 and CCBA. Comparison with ‘Tempranillo’ variant in terms of genotype, genetic and epigenetic variations and putative candidate genes.