Javier Tello


WP Number: WP1
Tittle: Vine adaptation to climate changes (Research, transfer of knowledge)
WP Leading Partner: UNITO

Visiting Researcher:
 Javier Tello
Position: Scientific Researcher



Home Institution, country: Instituto de Ciencias de la Vid y del Vino (ICVV), Spain

Host Institution: IBAM (UNCUYO-CONICET), Argentina

Scientific contact person at the institution:  Dr Diego Lijaveztky

Mobility period: 09/08/2023 to 23/09/2023


The main objective of this secondment is the analysis of the phenotypic variation available for different reproductive traits in a set of clones of cv. Malbec, applying image-based phenotyping systems.

Tasks :

During this secondment, I will assist in the characterization of the genetic variation within a set of cv. Malbec clones, focusing on reproductive traits. To this main objective, the next tasks will be done:

  1. Evaluation and study of the phenotypic diversity available for different reproductive traits in a collection of cv. Malbec clones with contrasting agronomic performance.
  2. Design, testing, and validation of an image-based phenotyping system to assist in the characterization of some grapevine-related traits, tailored to cv. Malbec’ characteristics.
  3. Data integration and analysis to determine the main factor(s) affecting cv. Malbec’ reproductive performance, and comparison with data from the Spanish cultivar Tempranillo.

Deliverables (expected): 

  • Description of the phenotypic diversity of a set of clones of cv. Malbec for different reproductive traits. Image-based tool for the high-throughput phenotyping of traits related to grapevine reproductive performance. Comparison with cv. ‘Tempranillo’ data.