N Alanon-Sanchez


WP Number: WP 1
Tittle: Genetic characterization of the Criolla Chica nº2, a loose cluster somatic variant of Listán Prieto Vitis vinifera cultivar and analyses of similarities with a loose cluster Tempranillo variant.
WP Leading Partner: IBAM (UNCUYO-CONICET), Argentina

Visiting Researcher:
 Noelia Alañón Sánchez
Position: PhD Student


Home Institution, country: Instituto de Ciencias de la Vid y del Vino (ICVV), Spain

Host Institution: IBAM (UNCUYO-CONICET), Argentina

Scientific contact person at the institution: Diego Lijaveztky

Mobility period: 30.01.2023 – 04.05.2023


The main aim of this work is the genetic analysis of Criolla Chica nº2, a somatic variant of ‘Listán Prieto’ cultivar with agronomic interest to reduce bunch compactness and comparison with a similar phenotype ‘Tempranillo’ variant.

Tasks :

  • During the secondment we will analyze the flower development and the possible genetic basis of this phenotype.

  • Comparison of the Criolla Chica nº2 somatic variant with a putative similar variant in Tempranillo
  • Genotyping of candidate loci to harbour the causal mutation.
  • Preparation of whole-genome sequencing comparison between the somatic variant and the ancestral ‘Listán Prieto’.

 Deliverables (expected): Description of the mutant syndrome in the Argentinian Criolla Chica nº2 flower mutant, confirming or discarding the involvement of possible candidate loci and setting the whole-genome sequencing comparison. Comparison with ‘Tempranillo’ variant in terms of genotype, gene expression, candidate genes, etc.